The Realtor® Party

What is the Realtor® Party?

It is all about REALTORS® working together to VOTE, ACT and INVEST to protect the Dream of Home Ownership, to build vibrant communities, and to promote a strong U.S. economy.

  • Vote is REALTORS® working together to protect REALTOR® interests by voting and educating voters about issues that affect property owners.
  • Act is REALTORS® working together to in support of policies and regulations that promote home ownership and the real estate industry.
  • Invest is REALTORS® working together to contribute to
candidates who support REALTORS® and private property rights.

Realtor® Party Mission

We are the REALTOR® Party: An energized movement of real estate professionals fighting to keep the dream of home ownership alive for this country.

Now more than ever, it is critical for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities. From city hall to the state house to the U.S. Capitol, our elected officials are making decisions that have a huge impact on the  bottom line of REALTORS® and their customers. Through the support of REALTORS® like you, the REALTOR® Party represents your interests.

Realtor® Party Goals
There are five goals of the REALTOR® Party:

  • ENCOURAGE members to get involved in their association and their community.
  • EDUCATE REALTORS®on the issues that impact their community and their bottom line.
  • ENGAGE REALTORS® on behalf of strengthening their businesses.
  • BUILD relationships with REALTORS® and brokers to protect our industry and our customers.
  • DELIVER resources to state and local associations.

Vote, Act and Invest: How it works together

VOTE, ACT and INVEST cannot function in isolation of one another. In order for us to effectively leverage our political strength they need to operate in a perpetual cycle.

  • VOTE for those candidates who cast votes that support our business.
  • ACT by participating in Calls for Action, and by being active, informed, engaged members of our communities.
  • INVEST in elected officials who support our business.

This is our power.

Strengthening Our Relationship With Consumers

The REALTOR® Party also is designed to strengthen our relationships with consumers. NAR is not only reaching out to members to educate them about the benefits of the REALTOR® Party we are also reaching out to the nation’s 75 million homeowners and asking them to join us in preserving and protecting the dream of home ownership and real estate investment.We’re reaching out to consumers online, on TV, and on radio, through:

Your REALTOR® Party Action Plan

Use our REALTOR® Party Action Plan and follow the checklist of what we ask of each member of the REALTOR® Party. It’s simple and takes so little time — just a commitment on your part to do each of the following:

  • First, VOTE. Make sure you register to vote. Be informed about the issues. And cast your vote for supporters of real estate.
  • Second, ACT. Know the issues, get involved, and, most importantly, respond promptly to Calls for Action. REALTORS® are strongest when we speak with one voice.
  • Third, INVEST. Invest in RPAC each year, even if it’s just a little, every contribution helps. Attend local RPAC events—show your support. Recruit others to invest in RPAC. Tell a colleague how important it is to invest.