VR Education Policy

Download a print version of the Vermont Association of Realtors® Education Policy

Any individual registering for a class conducted through the Vermont Association of Realtors® (VAR) is required to read and agree to the VAR® Education Policy.


Registrations with full payment will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis up to 2 days prior to a course offering. VAR reserves the right to cancel the class up to three weeks before the start date due to low registration numbers. Registrations will be cancelled pending payment. Any registration within 2 days of course offering will be assessed a 10% late registration fee. Pre-registration closes 2 days prior to a course offering. Late fees will be assessed after the pre-registration closes.  The late fees are as follows: $25 for classes $100-$149, $50 for classes above $150. No exceptions.


Walk-ins will be admitted to the class.  As a cost-savings measure, VAR will prepare material only for those who are pre-registered; VAR will not prepare extra course materials in anticipation of walk-ins that may or may not come. Due to space limitations, seats will first be provided to those who have pre-registered. A walk-in will be assessed a 10% late registration fee.


VAR will happily provide a full refund or transfer for cancellation or transfer requests received up to 12 days prior to a course offering. Because VAR reserved a seat in anticipation of your attendance; a fee in the amount of 15% of the original cost will be assessed for all cancellation or transfer requests received within 11 – 2 days of the course offering. No refund will be given within 2 days of cancelling. No shows, i.e. individuals who did not sign in or out, who arrived late or left early or who did not show up at all – for any reason – are ineligible for any refund or transfer.

VAR is required by the Vermont Real Estate Commission to maintain attendance records for each course offering. It is the responsibility of each attendee to sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departure. Should an attendee fail to sign in or sign out, VAR cannot issue or re-issue a certificate of continuing education (see “Certificates” for more detail) and will not issue a refund (see “Cancellations/No Shows”.)

The Vermont Real Estate Commission requires that attendees be present for the entire course offering to receive certification of course completion. Therefore, VAR will not issue a certificate, for any reason, to anyone who arrives late or leaves early. Those who arrive late and/or depart early are also ineligible for any refund (see “Cancellation/No Shows”.)

Completion certificates of continuing education will be made available via the membership portal within 24 hours of class completion. Certificates will not be issued to those who did not sign in and sign out. Completion certificates will remain on the membership portal during the current renewal cycle. It is in the members’ best interest to download and print a copy for their records. VAR will re-issue misplaced certificates outside of the renewal cycle from courses sponsored by VAR at a cost of $25 per certificate verification that the individual attended the course(s). Attendance is verified by the sign-in sheets and evaluations.

In support of local boards, VAR will assist in bringing educational courses to members at the local level. The local board will promote the course via their website and member email marketing. VAR will promote the courses via our website and education newsletter. There is a separate education Policies & Procedures agreement between the local boards and VAR.

From time-to-time local boards will host other education events, conferences, classes, etc.  Due to contractual obligations that VAR has with the local boards they manage, VAR can not automatically send out blanket announcements.  It is the responsibility of the event organizer to contact the local board president to get permission to market to other local board members.

VAR will happily provide a full refund or transfer for cancellation or transfer requests received up to 12 days after signing up for the on-line salesperson pre-licensing course, provided that the same person enrolls in the next available classroom pre-licensing course offering. No refunds will be given simply because a person doesn’t like the material or how the course is structured on-line.

Revised December 2016