Last Minute Tax Strategies for the Win

Are you ready to stage a comeback against Uncle Sam? Register today for Taxbot’s Last Minute Tax Strategies: For the Win! This free webinar will give you valuable insights into tax strategies aimed at helping you save money!

Wednesday, December 12


In sports, on rare occasions, a team can come together, against all odds, and stage a comeback.  We’ve seen some amazing comebacks over the years…with the clock ticking down menacingly, the losing team somehow finds a way to eke out a win!

​​​​So, what does that have to do with your business and taxes?

​​​​​​​You are in the fourth quarter of your tax year.  You probably haven’t been thinking about taxes all year and now your back is against the wall and you are losing the battle…you’ve got to make a decision… Are you going to roll over and pay Uncle Sam more than he deserves or are you going to do all you can to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible?
It may require a little hustle to pull out a win, but with a little effort there is still time to save a significant amount of money before December 31st… Not a lot of time… But enough.
Because time is running out, we wanted to see if we could help out as many people as we could by holding a “Stage Your Own Comeback Webinar”. In this webinar, we will show you how to:

  • Squeeze out every last possible deduction available to you with the limited amount of time we have left in the year.

  • Utilize holiday gift giving to amp up holiday cheer while ramping down your tax burden.

  • Why holding off on billing your customers until next year could make a lot of sense… weird right?

  • Qualifying for itemized deductions is still possible under the new tax law IF you know a few secrets about how to exceed the standard deduction.

  • Why paying for future bills before the end of the year could actually SAVE you a ton of money on taxes.

  • Why HSA’s are good but HRA’s are even better. We’ll explain and show you how to set up either program.