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Gov Aff Accom ThumbAs a Realtor® member, your contribution to Vermont’s Realtor® Political Action Committee (RPAC) helps to make the dream of home ownership possible. Vermont RPAC funds help support legislators who value private property rights and who work to create legislation to support a strong foundation for home ownership in Vermont.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that Realtors® speak with one voice about the stability that the real estate market brings to our communities. Our elected officials make decisions that have an impact on the bottom line of Realtors® and their customers. Working together, we can ensure that the dream of home ownership is preserved, and that the real estate industry continues to support a strong and vibrant economy.

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Here are a few examples of how Vermont Realtors® is working for you.


  • Defeated legislation that would have removed the mortgage interest and property tax deductions
  • Defeated legislation that would have taxed services, including Realtor® commissions, and would have significantly increased closing costs
  • Proposed legislation for a home improvement sales tax holiday
  • Defeated legislation that would have imposed a $10,000 cap on the mortgage interest deduction
  • Initiated a campaign to study education spending in Vermont and to explore potential remedies that would ensure quality education while reducing the property tax burden on Vermonters
  • Commissioned a comprehensive study on Vermont’s education spending system and its impact on property taxes and homeownership in the state
  • Defeated H.911 which included both a property and income tax to fund Vermont’s education program.
  • Defeated mandate that would require a seller to conduct a home energy audit prior to time of sale
  • Defeated mandate that a seller label the energy of their home, and that the information be disclosed at time of sale
  • Defeated mandate that would require a seller whose home has a potable water supply to conduct a water test and disclose the results at time of sale
  • Defeated a mandate that a seller conduct an online energy assessment of their home, and that the results be submitted to the VT. Dept. of Public Service and disclosed to a potential buyer
  • Represented members and property owners on thePost-Irene Property Law Task Force
  • Supported legislation to create a more predictable and timely permitting process
  • Defeated legislation that would have regulated all development on shoreland properties in Vermont
  • Defeated legislation requiring a seller to convey Residential Building Energy Standards certification at time of sale
  • Defeated legislation that would change Act 250 criterion 9(f) to require all commercial development applications to include renewable electric generation
  • Supported legislation to increase the number of continuing education credits for real estate brokers, and to require initial training for newly licensed real estate agents
  • Supported legislation to require education and licensure of home and property inspectors
  • Held off legislation that would regulate dams and impounded water. This effort prevents a “time of sale clause” and allows for reevaluation of fees and permitting
  • Prevailed in avoiding “citizen suits” and a $25 million tax that would have been a line item on property tax bills to support long-term funding sources for the Clean Water Fund
  • Supported H.576 Stormwater Rules (the 3-Acre Rule) that would make it easier for property owners to comply with Stormwater rules.
  • Prevailed in passing a the Dam Bill, which makes it easier for homeowners with existing dams and for practitioners to know how to sell those properties.
  • Proposed legislation that would require residents who own a home on a private road to share the maintenance costs of the road. This legislation, which was signed into law, remedies Fannie Mae’s refusal to purchase mortgages on properties with no maintenance agreement
  • Proposed legislation that would allow owner financing based on the Secure and Fair Enforcement Act. This legislation passed into law
  • Proposed Employer Assisted Housing legislation that would support incentives for Vermont employers who provide home ownership incentives to employees.
  • Proposed legislation that would require the licensing of home inspectors in Vermont. This legislation will be reviewed in the 2014 legislative session
  • Supported efforts to relax requirements on commercial and residential Realtors® in regard to the size, frequency and placement of temporary real estate signs
  • Supported legislation that provides incentives for neighborhood and downtown development within growth centers
  • Supported legislation that provides development incentives within state designed growth centers to help address the state’s housing shortage and promote walkable communities.
    RPAC does not buy votes. RPAC supports positions, not parties. RPAC is bipartisan, supporting elected officials and candidates who value protecting real estate transactions, home ownership and property rights.