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The Realtor® Content Resource is the best FREE way to keep in touch with your clients!As a Realtor®, you need regular content for your client communications. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) has developed the Realtor® Content Resource, giving your hundreds of articles on homeownership, homebuying, and selling to to help you keep in touch with consumers before and after the sale.How do I use the Realtor® Content Resource in my business?
Easily! Once you log in to the Realtor® Content Resource-just type in your NRDS member ID-you’ll be prompted through a quick, 3-step process:

  1. Select the articles to share (browse by theme or keyword)
  2. Choose how you want to share the articles (Facebook, Twitter, email, blog, website, e-newsletter, or printed handout)
  3. Share articles with your clients and customers

Where do the articles come from?

  •, NAR’s award-winning homeownership website for consumers
  • Premier journalists, covering home improvement, maintenance, finances, taxes, insurance, and more

Go to Realtor® Content Resource to get started.

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