VR Now Offering Online Mandatory Course

Vermont Realtors® has partnered with Calypso Continuing Education to offer The Mandatory Course online! This course has been approved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for 4 CE. The online Mandatory Course is a cost effective and convenient way to meet your regulatory responsibilities and maintain your familiarity with the ‘rules of the road’ when selling real estate in Vermont.   The course is asynchronous. Learn at your own pace, log in and out at your leisure.  The online system stores your information and allows you to pick up right where you left off to begin work again.

—The general theme of this course is to review local, state, and federal changes to laws, regulations, and rules that impact licensees’ practice of residential and commercial real estate.

—Sections one and two are inclusive of the recent changes. The goal of section three is bringing in the Vermont Real Estate Commission’s disciplinary cases to make licensees aware of the nature of complaints with a focus on adoption of best practices to void common pitfalls.

Cost: $59

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